How Do You Handle Fear?

Most of the material for my books come from my morning journal. I write about life and curious thoughts that cross my mind when I read. Then I create fictional stories with monsters and flawed characters who struggle just like the rest of us. Admittedly, their problems are on a grander scale and the stakes are higher, but their issues are very much like the ones we face in ordinary human life.

The quote above is from my journal writing this morning. Fear. It is the one thing that can stop a hero from living out his destiny. And I think fear stops many of us from going after what we feel we’re meant to do. I know fear has thwarted me from publishing my books for at least a few decades.

Here’s my take on it. Fear likes to hog the spotlight. It will do anything it can to monopolize your attention. If there is something you are meant to do in life, and fear is blocking you from it, then maybe it’s time to shift your attention. Let go of fear and grab on to the life you want with both hands.

Do you write in a journal? What have you learned? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Hero’s Journey…Again?

Before working on my books each day (current work-in-progress is Book #4 in the Spirit and the Wolfman Series), I spend time writing in my personal journal. It helps to prime the writing pump and explore my inner terrain. The above quote is what popped out of my head and onto the page this morning.

Maybe you can relate to this?

I feel like a frequent traveler on the archetypal hero’s journey, with many bumps, bruises, and lessons learned along the way. And I was wondering why?

We live in a world with so much noise and advice that we often lose sight of who we are, and that more importantly, who we are is enough. We look outside ourselves to figure out how to get ahead, be successful, and be happy.

We go on the hero’s journey, climb the mountain, and see clearly for a moment but are quickly enticed away by a new horizon with promises that if we only buy this, be like this person, or have this career life will be better. We forget what we learn.

And so, life takes us on another quest, another hero’s journey, to teach us, once again, what we keep forgetting.

Each book I write is an autobiographical allegory complete with monsters and grey characters. I think of them as fairy tales, illustrated with gothic touches and romance to hold my attention, so I will remember (for a time at least or whenever I reread them), the lessons life has taught me. I share my books and hope that the stories might do the same for others.

Are you on a hero’s journey? Is this your first adventure or have you traveled this familiar road more than once? What have you learned? What gifts have you brought back to share?

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