I love all forms of storytelling. I have an insatiable appetite for books and movies. But it isn’t often that I have a story read to me, like a story told to a child before bedtime.

Here is a tale that I wrote a few months back. It has four parts. It was inspired by my daily life working at the Junkyard, which I believe to be the perfect setting for a murderous “lunatic on the loose” story. I hope you enjoy it.

Part I A Junk Yard Horror Story: Another Day, Another Dollar

Part II A Junkyard Horror Story: Benjie Harris

Part III A Junkyard Horror Story: Batter Up!

Part IV A Junkyard Horror Story: Sammy vs. Benjie

Bonus Videos! Here are some videos I made while writing this story. It shows the inspiration behind the tale. I recorded it at the actual Junkyard that Sammy (and I) both work at!

Thank you for watching! If you’d like to watch more of these stories in the future, please subscribe to the blog. You can also visit my website at raeshellrozet.com. I’ve just release by first book, Dancing The Salsa! You can find it at amazon.com/author/raeshellrozet. See you soon!

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